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“A suit allows a woman to feel empowered, independent and feminine all at the same time. A well-tailored suit is versatile and adaptable for every occasion. It can bring out a woman’s androgynous side, whilst also allowing her to be elegant and sensual. It’s the all-round perennial classic for any season and any woman”

Hebe Studio is a brand of beautifully crafted suits for women, 100% ‘Made in Italy’, inspired by traditional male tailoring – but with a fun, fresh and feminine twist.
Color and fabric combinations are the core characteristics of The Hebe Suit, and the designers’ vision is that of glorifying a woman’s independence, elegance and style, whilst never neglecting the practicality required for her daily routine.

Tailor-made in Italy

The designers work alongside traditional-style tailors and personally follow the development process of each and every suit, from start to finish: from selecting the fabrics to combining colors and reviewing all the hand-made details to ensure a perfect fit.

Stylists and designers should be an inspiration without imposing their own creativity. This is what Gea, Federica and Laura had in mind when they decided to bring the design process closer to the consumers, letting them express their style and personality. Hebe Studio welcomes a new way of customization through its new 3D Tool online and by downloading from Apple Store the application “The Hebe Suit”.

You are able to choose among styles and customize colors, fabrics, details and textures, exploring each and every angle of the personal design before any final decision.

Thanks to this technological advancement and a person’s own creativity, the combination possibilities are pretty much endless... and Hebe Studio lets you decide.

The Bianca Suit

“A military inspired double-breasted jacket, perhaps a natural evolution of the original Hussar uniform or of the early 1900’s British Navy.

OOriginally designed with six buttons and a slinky fit on the body, with time the jacket has gradually changed: widened and shortened and becoming four-buttoned, to better suit the female body. Double-breasted blazers reached a peak of popularity between the 1920’s and the 1950’s and later saw this rise again during the 1970’s. At this time, such a jacket was paired with flared pants, just like that worn by our muse Bianca Jagger in the Helmut Newton photograph: jacket, vest and an unbuttoned shirt.

At that time, it was paired with flare pants just like muse Bianca Jagger wore in the Helmut Newton photo: jacket, vest and an unbuttoned shirt while smoking in the night.

The Bianca Suit is thus the perfect combination of assertiveness and femininity.”

The Smoking Suit

“Inspired by the original smoking jacket for men, which was once used for formal after dinner occasions, when the gentlemen would retire from the ladies to a smoking room.

Many of its original characteristic features have been maintained: including the shawl collar and the single-breasted buttoned front which, as a formal rule, should always be worn fastened.

Having neither slits nor flaps, this jacket is paired with high waist straight lined pants with a side band. This ‘Smoking’ is designed to be perfect for a woman: she’s not obliged to adapt to this “male by definition” suit now that the jacket and the pants have a strong feminine twist.”

The Boyfriend Suit

“It is both provocative and feminine, with its oversize fit, its clean, polished lines and a slender, sensual feel: it is a classic male model redesigned for women.

A very suave single-breasted jacket, with four pockets and impressive broad shoulders worn with a single buttoned pleated pair of pants.

When worn by a woman, it looks somewhat “loose-fitting”, but extremely classy.

A self-confident woman, borrowing pieces from her boyfriend’s wardrobe: this is the idea that gave this model its name.”

The Girlfriend Suit

“This model comes from the combination of two classic, evergreen pieces of male style: the tailcoat and the smoking jacket.

This is evident in the polished, classy lines of the jacket, typical of the smoking jacket and the addition of the tails of the tailcoat.

Paired with soft and comfortable palazzo pants, it gives the impression that the woman is wearing a long evening dress, albeit with a masculine twist. This is the idea that gave birth to the Girlfriend Suit.”

The Charlie Suit

True icon Charlie Chaplin, one of the most creative and influential stars of silent movies, was the inspiration behind the Charlie Suit. His most famous character, Charlot, wore a tailcoat, the classic male formal evening dress, although it was first worn in late 18 th Century England as a respectable and comfortable country suit: short at the front and tailed on the back.

Amazingly, it is just perfect for a female redesign. The lines of the jacket fit nicely on a woman’s natural curves; its waist is slinky and refined as the jacket is usually worn unfastened, and it is designed to perfectly fit the bust, highlighting the waist line.

The enhancement of the most attractive traits of the female body can also be observed on this model’s pants, with its slinky, high waist: a modern touch for a classic suit.”

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