The Studio

Gea Antonini, Federica Croce and Laura Zama are three Italian designers who chose to pursue their great shared passion.

Creating beautifully crafted suits for women based on traditional male tailoring - adding a fun and feminine twist to them - is just the start: Hebe Studio lets you decide.

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Elegance and femininity, practically combined for a stylish look; the perfect companion throughout your daily routine

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Bianca or Girlfriend?

Create the perfect Hebe Suit. Choose among six different models, discover cuts and styles. Be your very personal stylist with the Hebe Suit and add your creativity to the mix.

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Silk or Crêpe?

Combine our refined fabrics and discover our textures.

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Color your day and night

Discover our colors and match them with graphics and textures. Personalize The Hebe Suit for your special dates.

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Customize The Hebe Suit details with different fabrics and colors. Choose your unique style for revers, flaps, buttons and piping. Make it personal and apply your initials at the end.

Suit Yourself

The Smoking Suit

from 559.00 €

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The Boyfriend Suit

from 535.00 €

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The Girlfriend Suit

from 580.00 €

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The Bianca Suit

from 595.00 €

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The Charlie Suit

from 545.00 €

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The Sunday Suit

from 480.00 €

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